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Download for MAYA EX5

Description Operating System Version Size Date Readme Download
driver and control panel Windows 2000
Windows XP
1.3 2.995 KB 2004-12-24 readme.pdf

MAYA EX5 QSound v1.3 Driver & Control Panel

This driver is based on the QSound 3D engine. Please check the instructions on this page.


The QVE driver can be installed correctly only if all of the following conditions are met:

- The MAYA EX5 device must be connected to the computer
- Default USB Audio Drivers must be installed (Windows detects the device automatically when the MAYA EX5 is plugged into the computer)
- Don't click Cancel during the installation on any dialog. Otherwise, the installation can not be done completely.

The installation procedure has been updated so that it detects all of the conditions above, and reacts appropriately:

1 . When the device is not plugged in correctly, the following message will be appear: "Installation cannot continue -- Your USB device is not plugged into your computer.? *Suggestion: Please ensure that the MAYA EX5 USB device is securely plugged into the USB slot on your computer, before re-running this installation."

2. If the default USB Audio Device drivers are not installed correctly, the following message will be appeared: "Installation cannot continue -- Windows has not yet installed the default USB device drivers.? *Suggestion: Please wait until Windows has finished install the default USB device drivers (depending on the speed of your computer, this could take up to 5 minutes). If 5 minutes have elapsed since you turned on your computer, and you are still receiving this message, and then try re-starting your computer and unplugging/re-plugging your USB device before running this install again."

3. During the install, if the user clicks the Cancel button, or if an unexpected error has occurred, the following message will be appeared: "Install was unable to complete.? *Possible Problem: User may have selected Cancel option, when prompted with a dialog box during install. *Suggestion: Re-run this install, making sure that you do not select any Cancel buttons during installation.

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