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Download for OPTOPlay

Description Operating System Version Size Date Readme Download
control panel Windows XP
2.0 138 KB 2003-11-01 readme.pdf

OPTOPlay Control Panel v2.0

Please download and use this Control Panel only for OPTOPlay units with red colored PCB.

24bit Resolution

OPTOPlay is an USB audio device which supports 24bit/96kHz audio. With OPTOPlay USB audio device, regardless of audio source formats such as 16bit/44.1kHz or 24bit/96kHz, the actual audio data steam is always defaulted in 24bit 96kHz format.

Considering in general data transmission range of USB, it should be no problem to deliver up to 24bit 96kHz audio, but sometimes there could be unstable transitions of audio stream when it is used with a non stable USB system. This rare problem is caused when you overrun the task in your PC or execute any bigger program at the same time in your nonstable USB system. This is due to the USB system not to the unit itself. To resolve it, please uncheck the ?24bit. Resolution? column and disable the initial setting in 24bit 96kHz format. Now you can have a lower resources to run the unit stably.

AC3 Format

AC3 or DTS audio file is a compressed audio format like zipped program file. Movies (DVD or DiVX AC3/DTS, etc) usually include some compressed audio sources, and the OPTOPlay's AC3 pass thru setting is a necessary option to send these audio sources to A/V receiver or built-in decoder speaker (such as Yamaha TSS-10). This AC3 format option is automatically switched when AC3/ DTS file runs through OPTOPlay, but manually check the column if not correctly detect the signal in your A/V receiver. Please remind that general PCM data (eg. MP3 streaming) will not work properly if you select the AC3 FORMAT option. Headphone users do not need this option neither.


Download the .zip file and extract all before execute it. You can see the AUDIOTRAK logo in the Windows Taskbar after correct installation. You can put the program into the startup folder if you want to apply the changes in your setting everytime you run the PC.