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Download for QuataFire XL

Description Operating System Version Size Date Readme Download
driver and control panel Windows Vista 32-bit
1.19.1 2.128 KB 2008-04-28 readme.pdf

QuataFire XL under Windows Vista

Please note that this driver requires a 32-bit version of Windows Vista. It cannot be used with other versions of Windows.


First download and unzip the driver file. Make sure that QuataFire XL is not connected to your computer and switched off before you install the driver. Then launch setup.exe from the unzipped folder. When launching the installation, Windows Vista might prompt a security message. Make sure to allow the installation. You will then see a dialog as shown on the following picture.

Click Next. You can define the target directory for the installation in the following dialog.

Confirm it with Next. The installer now informs you that the driver installation will start as shown below.

Confirm this with Next. During the following process you will see a Windows Security dialog box that asks you for confirmation to install the driver software that looks like this:

Confirm any such dialog with Install even if it gets displayed multiple times. You will then be prompted to connect the hardware in the dialog shown below.

Plug in QuataFire XL and switch it on, but do not click Next yet. Instead, wait a few seconds for the automatic device driver installation ... typically this will take up to 30 seconds depending on your system performance. If you click Next too early, the same dialog will appear again.

Once you have clicked Next in the QuataFire 610 Audio Driver Setup dialog shown above, the installation will be finished and you can start using QuataFire XL in your applications.