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Download for Waveterminal 192M

Description Operating System Version Size Date Readme Download
driver and control panel Windows 98SE
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 2003
6.01 229 KB 2006-02-06 readme.pdf

Waveterminal 192 L/M/X: driver v6.0x and above

Please note that this driver has a changed structure compared to previous drivers. It is installing only one entry called Waveterminal 192 EWDM Wave-1 into the device manager, while previous drivers installed several of them. This behaviour is perfectly normal and as expected. If you open Control Panel > Audio and Multimedia > Audio, you will see that all I/O channels of your Waveterminal 192 L/M/X are still accessable. The new driver structure makes installation easier and faster while keeping the same functions as before.